Episode 1A: Rodeo, Rodeo, Where for Art Thou Rodeo? (Tex Avery Cartoon)Edit


When Tex and his Archemey Sid learn that Chasity own a rodeo,they got more then their bargin for when they tried out to be her new rodeo clown.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Billy West Tex Avery,Sid
Kathleen Barr Chasity Knott
Maurice LaMarche



  • First Tex Avery cartoon
  • First appearance of Tex,Sid and Chasity

Episode 1B. The Dis-Orderly (Pomeii Pete Cartoon)Edit


When Dan is kicked out of the apartment due not paying the rent, he fake a injury to stay at a local hospital, However instead of an injury he recived a few his peronal orderly tried to take care of him


Voice Actors:

Ian James Corlett Pomeii Pete
 Alec Willows


 Scott McNeil Landlord


  • First Pomeii Pete cartoon
  • First appearance of Pete and Dan
  • Pete role: as the personal orderly of Dan
  • Dan role: as a bum who fake an injury into to stay at the hospital.

Episode 1C. A Bird in the Brain Is Worth Two in the Bush (Einstone Cartoon)Edit


When Einstone and the other cavemen notice a large egg on top of a pointy mountain, Einstone use his genius to found away to get it for lunch.

Voice Actor Characters
Ian James Corlett



  • First Einstone cartoon
  • First appearance of Einstone and the caveman.
  • List of inventions that Einstone had made to get the egg.
    1. A Catapult
    2. Limbasours
    3. Attact a pterodactyl on his back and use it wings to fly
    4. A plane

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